House of Ski has served Lake Tahoe snowboarders and skiers from all the way back in 1979. It featured snowboard and ski apparel, models, and even premium rental equipment. You could count on House of Ski giving you quality and professional services from their friendly workers. All of their equipment - whether it was a package price or a sale item was fitted just for your size and it was sure to please the guests.

Browse our Web Site and check out our deals. Complete our online Rental Reservation Form or you can email us to check availability, to see if we will have the gear that you require. You get on the slopes faster and safer when you rent equipment that House of Ski recommends. Find a ski rental company near you and get on the slopes!

Quick tips on how to ski better

It can be awkward the first time you ski down a mountain or even the "bunny slope". Check out these tips to help you have a much safer and more enjoyable time. And remember, it's all about practice. Don't get discouraged the first time you ride.

Get the proper gear

Make sure you have the right attire. You are going to fall a lot your first time skiing. So you want to have protective gear from the wetness of the snow. Usually ski shops will have places you can rent directly from.

Posture is key with skiing

Regarding the actual skiing, try not to lean back or lean to far forward when going down the hill. Attempt to stay nice and upright for a sturdy balance. Most beginners make a mistake in this area. Work with the skis and don't fight with them. Also, it may seem like common sense until you actually are riding: don't look down at your skis! Look straight ahead and stay focused on where you are going. Make sure to stay in the open field. Looking down can increase the chances of you veering off into a dangerous area with trees and rocks.

Pick the right course!

Make sure if you are a beginner at skiing, that you pick the right slope. This is no time to be prideful! Start with the easiest course first and then if you end up being better than you thought, you can go right away to the harder course.

Learn to ski from the best

It's best to learn from a skilled and experienced skier, rather than perhaps a spouse or a friend who's gone once. In general, whenever learning a new skill you'll want to learn the fundamentals. It's too easy to build bad habits if you learn the wrong way at the start. And bad habits are hard to break!

Have fun!

Whether you go by yourself for a nice, serene run down the mountain, or you end up going with a large group of friends, make memories that last a lifetime. Take pictures on your smartphone. Video your friends wiping out on the powder. You'll have a blast viewing all of the fun later.

Available in four categories: Economy, Basic, Demo Experienced or Demo Premium. Our trained staff will help select skis best suited to your personal characteristics.
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